the Mortimer’s are home

Everything is turning out just as we imagined…  It’s Friday night, we are in the boys’ den and Murray is on the new 65” thanks to Uncle Toddy.  We are on our feet and cheering and knocking over the G&T’s… life chez Mortimer is just as it should be.  And Murray is about to serve for the match!


In the words of Annie, “I think I’m gonna to like it here.”


Despite a tricky start to the day, with tiredness and emotions running high, after 20 minutes of the 3 of us left at home, in different rooms cooling down after ‘heated’ discussions on the landing about how our days in the summer are going to start – ie. Not Mummy running around tidying up after everyone’s dirty clothes, finished plates, unkempt beds and un-pulled curtains and rubbish generally everywhere….  And focussing on more respectful attitudes and behaviours towards each other and where we live.. – we all made up with hugs and apologies and we got on with our day.


Our day was a day to explore!  What was our new adventure going to involve…?


To the boys (and my!) delight we found a driving range and a tennis club less than a mile from the house.  100 balls smashed to 100 yards by the 2 boys and their moods lifted.  Good to know.


The city centre, more like a market square is less than 10 minutes walk and it sells nerf guns and nerf gun bullets for the boys and has everything I need, including somewhere to buy key tags for the 100’s of keys and locks around the house.


And Annie is back… ‘I think we’re gonna it like it here!


My favourite part of today, apart from seeing Murray smash his way in to the next round in a final game of unreturnable serves, was seeing the boys try on their new uniform at their new school.  The house matron, Mrs A, clocked the boys’ character immediately.  Tom my charming, handsome, polite young man, my angel baby grown up.  Willy, my little wolf in a sheep’s cloak…  shy and reserved until the little monkey is brave enough to reveal himself.


I think the boys are gonna like it there too.


If they are happy, we are happy.  And tonight, the boys can’t stop hugging us, wanting to be with us, telling us they love us.  I want to cry with relief.


The Mortimer’s are home.  And we love it.

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