Heavenly Sundays

If in the last chapters, we have had ‘super Sundays’, in this chapter, they are looking more like ‘heavenly Sundays’.


After a good long deep sleep, the first in many months, it felt surreal to be waking up in our dream house.  A quiet morning, slowly pottering and unpacking, cooking breakfast and making Bloody Mary’s for our first visitors.


And then I did what I have been dreaming of doing for months, running to the bottom of the back lawn and throwing myself down and starfishing on the grass, gazing heavenward.  I said many thank you’s as I watched the clouds shape-shift, felt the soft breeze tickle my skin, ruffle the trees and listened to the gentle buzz, hum, purr and pop of the tractor mower as the boys mowed the fields under the proud and watchful eyes of the Big Man.  


As I let my senses come alive, I felt myself slowly melt away, my mind empty and my soul lift high above.  Everyone is happy in their own little corner of this magical space..


If there is a heaven, this is my version.

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