Twisting and turning

Well.  Every good drama has twists and turns in the tale.  And today, was a cliffhanger, a potential disaster, a period of calm and re-planning and then a last minute complete around turn, leaving us on yet another cliffhanger as the banks and businesses closed.


And that was all while we loaded 2 huge lorries full of our life, the Big Man did a full day at work, I watched a school assembly and did the school runs and made numerous cups of tea.


In hindsight, I wonder if we took on too much all in one go..  But we have never been ones to talk ourselves out of anything.  We have never wanted a ‘comfortable’ or even ‘simple’ life, even though we are creatures of comfort and love the simples things in life.  We love the stretch, the adrenalin rush and excitement when all comes together.


After today, when everything fell apart, but may have just all come together again, I am exhausted and looking forward to the next 6 months and hoping they are far less eventful than the last 9, the last 18 months even.  I look forward to the simplicity of watching the sunsets and the sunrises from our new terrace, holding hands, feeling at peace and laughing in the face of everything that has happened.


(Crude image, but kind of sums up the ‘villain’ in this particular sub chapter who may well have just ruined 3 sets of couples summer…)



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