bricks and mortar

The great big finger of the Universe continues to ‘play with’ or ‘test us’ – asking if this is really what we want? With each new negotiation, failed negation, change of date, it felt like it was asking…:


Do you really want to move?

Do you really want that house?

Do you really, really want to make it your home, build your future there?

Are you sure?

Are you really sure?


And after a beautiful Sunday, with solid, non judgemental, kind and loving friends, sitting in the garden, watching our kids kill each other in a raging 4 hour nerf war, we received a phone call that we just didn’t expect.


Are you really, really, really sure??? Asked the Universe?  Even after a car has crashed in to the bay window of your future living room?


I am reminded for the second time this week of Oprah’s words – that every experience is given to you to prepare you for the future. In this case, I reflect and am grateful that my mind was opened up to personal development, that I read up on mindfulness, kindness, spirituality, success and wealth. For all the tips of the world’s gurus are in my head, it’s time to breath, respond not react, be mindful, let it go… see the positive, the silver lining and the opportunity…


And as we drive away, having seen the damage, I only remember my excitement, the overwhelming, breathless excitement that this will be our home, where our future will play out in just 4 short days.  I only remember being greeted by the current custodians of the beautiful house with warmth which melted the shock and we all distracted ourselves from this strange turn of events by walking the gardens in the early evening light, letting them talk us through the different fruit trees, searching for young plums, pears and apples and walking the boundaries, hearing the history of each plant, flower and rose.  I only remember the delight of the boys choosing their rooms and the discovery of the secret, hidden doors.  I only remember the feeling, even though we don’t live there, that this is our true home, where my shoulders relax, my mind is clear and free and my heart sings.


Glass, brick, lintels, wooden paneling, floor boards and paintwork, they can all be left in the hands of the insurance companies and solicitors, while we just enjoy the moments of transition.                Because the answer, Universe…. Is still YES!

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