after the scoop…

Today I took my cue from the bullfinch.  With the A64 coastal road at a standstill, we used the back roads, winding our way through the picture postcard village of Terrington, past the dramatic ruins of Sheriff Hutton and on to Strensall, Haxby until we hit our usual route home.  As we free wheeled down Terrington Bank, I put my arms above my head through the open roof, tipped my head backwards, looking to the sky and whooped!


As rudely as I had been plummeted downwards, it may have been breathtaking aswell as gutwrenching, but it was fast and the speed at hitting the scoop at the bottom, has flung me back up heavenwards.


And it feels so good to be flying; flying on the winds, currents and thermals of life.


Refreshed from enjoying the simple things – family, picnics, nature, architecture – and feeling at peace, watching the Big Man embracing the little things, rather than always wanting and striving for more.  Feeling in my soul and my heart that things are changing, have changed for the better and will only continue to improve.


Refreshed.  And ready to face the next twist and turn of the bullfinch’s flight tomorrow.



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