The bear suit

Whatever you focus on, you feel.”  A Tony Robbins’ quote special…  and today I realised he was right.  I could continue to feel the distant discomfort of the usurper in kinky boots on the golf course or I could focus on something else.


D-day minus 10 and I started to feel uncomfortable, nigh on panicky, about the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the last 11+ years, 2 babies, turned toddler, turned young boys.  With the minutes ticking by, I decided rather than worry, I would just crack on with it… and listen to Tony.


So I focussed on our future; methodically going through cupboards and drawers and filling black sacks of rubbish and brown boxes labelled with contents and rooms of our new home.  As I stuffed teddies in, I imagined where they would go and what they would look like in the new bedrooms.  As I imagined unpacking, I could feel the excitement, release and relief.


I was miles away from the golf course, London, Paris and Boston Spa.  And I moved from Tony’s ‘Suffering state’ to a far more ‘Beautiful State’, I moved from despair to happy and my productivity and energy intensified.  As Tony predicts, emotion has cause and effect on motion.


I barely slowed down, until I came to the shelf with all the baby memorabilia, christening cards and gifts.  The brown bear suit.  The brown bear suit that Tom came home in that dwarfed him, that Willy wore in the winter after the summer he was born, now looks tiny!  It reminded me how much they have grown and what they have become over nearly a decade.  A decade of nurturing and love.


And in the Super Soul Sunday session with Tony I was listening to he made that point clear.  When babies are born but not given love, they fail to thrive.  ‘We physically die without love.’


We poured so much love in to that little bear suit, both times and they have grown strong.  As I put the bear suit on top of all the other clothes and blankets, it was a clear message for me to keep pouring love in to my family for the next decades to come and watch us out grow bear suits, houses and more.




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