Clashing of the Bracelets of Submission

It’s not what you deserve. 

It’s what you believe.

And I believe in love.”


So declares Wonder Woman to Ares, her archenemy, the God of War, the God of Conflict.


And then she crosses her Bracelets of Submission, not just in a physical Girl Power action, but in a way that is representative of the submission to emotional control to create equilibrium to the human ego. The force is enough to deflect any arrows, bullets, hatred and more.


5 months ago, when this weekend was first discussed, I wasn’t able to even contemplate being able to attend;  the emotions controlling me, disgust, despair, humiliation.


3 months ago, 2 even, it was still an emotional topic.


But eventually, I leant into submission and let the love in.  And I let the love out.


My inner WW clashed her cuffs and deflected pain and shame.  I didn’t deserve any of this.  But I do believe in love.  And this power allowed us to have one of the best Super Sundays ever, with our extended family;  splashing in the pool, long breakfasts, a round of golf, the driving range, movies and popcorn, pizza and topped off with tea and Poldark.


And yet, like WW, this triumph is tinged with sadness for the loss of love too.  To know it, she lost her true love.  And me, I feel I have lost innocent love.


And so the fight goes on.  Between the heart and the head, that sometimes, less often now, is clouded with conflict.


Superman & Wonder Woman

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