Pink dresses and whispers in the silks

Today, Friday 25th May was always going to be about packing.  Originally, we had earmarked half term as moving week…  When those plans fell through, we decided to head off for some fun and relaxation, to reset our minds and have a few mojitos while filling out the big white blank sheets of the next chapter and creatively defining what the first page looked like.


So, I went looking for my Africa dress, the pink dress that marked my time and future as a single Mum as a strong, confident, loved, independent woman.  It feels the right time to rebrand it as the dress to wear as an independent, confident, loved woman in a strong relationship and a family united.


I knew it was hanging in one of the boys’ bedrooms, and as I opened the door, the smell of my Mumbo hit me like the heat from a Mediterranean airport tarmac.  I fell forwards in to the silks, furs and satins of her coats and dresses and wrapped my arms around them, and felt her do the same.


It was an embrace of pride as the soft fabrics rustled and whispered their congratulations.


We had remained firm.  We had let go.  We had accepted and felt relieved from moving on.  And yet, those words of Woody sang out loudly again… or perhaps it was the tentative, nervous, returning trill of Snow White, finally letting go of her shame…?


If you ever want something badly, let it go.  If it comes back to you, then it’s yours forever.  If it doesn’t, then it was never yours to begin with.”


The dream house will be our forever home.


With moments to spare, moments before I  intended on securing a lovely little cottage rental with magical views, a text message with emoji’s of champagne bottles and houses pinged.  And our course was reset once more.


I will sit with my 3 boys, wear the pink dress, drink mojito’s and relax as the rollercoaster free wheels back down, what I hope, will be the final loop in purchasing our pink house.  This has been one emotional, magical, powerful lesson in the art of letting go, trusting in the Universe and Fate, patience and strength in what you believe the outcome to be.

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