Ebb and flow

It feels lovely to be writing this at the end of a day when my mind hasn’t been in turmoil, filled with anxiety based negativity.
On one of our now ritual evening walks, the Big Man mentioned that observing as an ‘outsider’ to my emotions and progress, like the waves, ‘I ebb and flow, but always move forward.’
It feels like I have been in a long slow ebb, but i have a strong inner sensation that the tide is turning.  
Yesterday I was done with myself. I was on that turning point and with all the work I have been doing, listening to my compassionate mind-keeper and refocusing my attention to what I love rather than what I fear, I can feel the slow return to flow, light momentum in a positive direction. 
A real ‘super sunday’ returned with sunshine and cricket, ice creams and tennis, Sunday papers and Harry Potter. 
And as the Louise Hay email I received today, with the affirmation, so I feel:
All is well. Everything will work out for my highest good. From this situation, only good will come. I am Safe.

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