Bring on the grump


I am grumpy.  Being grumpy was making me grumpier… getting annoyed at myself for being grumpy.


Until just now.


Being grumpy is a good sign!  I have had all the other feelings and emotions, draining me, with no energy left at the end of the day to be grumpy.


Does that mean my energy is coming back?


I am lighter… I have had half a tonne of hair taken off my head this morning and my chakra’s realigned and all negative energy wafted away.


Bring on the grump!  It is so much better than being on the floor, melting with sadness or smashing anything in sight with anger.


And just like that, the recognition that it is a good sign, it’s gone.  And here I am singing along to ‘red light’ on car share, holding hands and laughing at the beaded seats.


Peter Kay could get rid of any grump and bring on happy thoughts.


happy thoughts

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