Wine oclock

With a full glass of wine in hand I am trying to determine whether my anxiety levels have reached warning levels because of small boy obnoxious behaviour or just everything else.  Or maybe it is both?


Maybe I am being too harsh on them, him, myself.


We are about to make a massive leap into the unknown, new everything.  And while it is exciting, it is also terrifying, particularly when I am feeling so raw. I am trying to keep myself calm, but really I am a duck paddling furiously under water, not really knowing which way to go.  And perhaps that is why they are playing up; they are sensitive to the undercurrents and don’t believe the smile on my face.


Or maybe I am just overthinking this and they are just brothers, winding each other up; energy stores replenished from 2 weeks of fabulous holiday and ready to go back to school?


I have one week to amuse them and keep them from killing each other, or killing myself – not really – but I may lock myself in the loo with the wine.



99 percent chance of wine

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