Love, pears and kingfishers

Love is the force that moves you.


Words from a passage from ‘The Power’; the power of love drives life and everything we know;  love is a feeling, yes, but it is also the motivation for innovation, art, creativity, money, architecture, travel, medicine, learning, teaching, an endless list and of course, the generation of life itself.


Love is also the motivation which has set me on course for my current path, to a new home, a new start, a new version of love, a new marriage, love the forceful energy source to make these changes to protect my family, and myself.


I often question the path.  As much as I am curiously excited and excitedly curious to see how well things will turn out, I am also unsurprisingly nervous.  But when reading ‘The Universe has your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein, she explained how she tapped in to the Universe to give her clues that she was heading in the right direction.  Her ‘clue’ or confirmation that she was on the right path was an owl.  It can be anything. Ask the Universe the question and it will respond.  The Universe has been responding me for the last 5 months with a Kingfisher, my Mumbo.  Giving me the nod.  Keep going.  You are heading in the right direction.  Sometimes she is quick to answer, sometimes she is a little slower (maybe she is having fun!), sometimes she is emphatic, sending lots of kingfishers in succession.


Today, I took a trip to our new home.  To walk the boundaries, see the pears, admire the tulips, feel the excitement, feel the freedom, the sense of relief I already feel when I am there.


As we were acknowledging the beauty of the wall climbing pear tree, discussing how he had tended and pruned the branches lovingly each October, so that it would flower in the spring and bear fruit in the autumn, he told me a story.


50 years ago, he had planted 2 pear trees, one at each end of the coach house.  One day, someone he knew was having problems with his young family and he took the man to see both trees.  He walked him to the tree that faces the sun and said, “Look at this tree, it faces the sun all day and feels it’s warmth – it has grown tall, bears fruit and flowers without fail each year; it is flourishing.”


He then walked him to the other side of the coach house and said, “Look at this one. It gets barely any sun, feels no warmth, just shade. And it is practically dead.  Think of your children, your family. Give them love and warmth and like the pears they will blossom and flourish. If you don’t, they will wither away.”


Every time I look at those pear trees, I will remember the beautiful pear tree story that brought tears to the corners of my eyes and remind myself of my family, my 2 sons and my Big Man, and what I need to do for us to flourish.


Love is like the sunshine, the warmth.  We need to do more to feel love, share love and allow the force of love to motivate us to do what we love, then our lives and those of the lives we touch will bear delicious fruit, blossom and flourish and grow tall and proud.  If we live in the shade, block out the love from our life, focus on the lack of light, the lack of warmth, draw others into our darkness, we cannot expect life to be beautiful.


I already knew the answer when I asked the Universe this evening if this was the right house, the right path, the right thing to do.  But she was super quick in response, so quick that I did a double take.  As I was asking the question, the first photo on the top of my Instagram feed was a giant mural painted on the side of a wall, the same shape as the pear tree wall.


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