Aches and pains

Today made me realise that applying a little more pressure to the pain can help ease it,  adding a sprinkling of salt to the wounds can draw out the ‘poison’ to promote healing.


I may feel a little black and blue from the muscle pummelling and crunching of my back bones, pelvis joints and a tad sore from an injection in my bum, but I know it will be worth it in a couple of days; if I am lucky enough, maybe when I wake up.


I may feel a little black and blue, with a bruised heart from hearing honest truths, numbed from intense self-reflection, but also a little lighter from understanding the miserable reality of then and feeling the hope filled reality of now;  recognising how far I have come, from days of consecutively bad ones leading to weeks, now only one bad day every 3 weeks.  The salty sessions are worth it, the poison being drawn out, leaving only purity.


Perhaps I no longer have the constant pain and that is why I apply the pressure, apply the salt, to remind me it is there, inside the aches.  The pain is the core, hidden in the depths of the constant ache that needs awakening, to be brought to the fore, so it can be recognised, appreciated, given harsh attention, so it can ultimately be healed.  For when the pain is healed, the ache will go.


pain only hurts

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