I am somewhat relieved on two counts tonight, 2 simple mistakes now so obvious that we are able to take the right course of action.


Firstly, Willy’s stomach ache and sickness this evening isn’t due to over bouncing, over eating, sea sickness (God forbid for a sea faring family!) or a bug that could wipe us all out for our holiday week, and just a simple mistake;  the homeshopping order delivered raisin bread, but not of the gluten free variety that I ordered and Willy ate practically half the loaf.


Secondly, after becoming more and more crippled as the week progressed, it was time to seek professional advice. The pain transferring from middle back muscle spasm to my hip joint, pelvis and tail bones making me feel and walk like I did when I was 9 months pregnant, even to the point where the easiest position was all fours.  It seems that my muscle spasm were an historic memory profile and automatic response of a previous injury and my brain doing its job by stopping me moving, this time rather than protecting my dislodged L4/L5/S1 lumbar facet, it was to protect my sacroiliac joint.  The mistake was to get my muscles out of spasm and then to strut my stuff for 3 hours on a cat walk in 4 inch heels and then get up the next day to do lunges, box jumps and ball slams before sitting immobile for 6 hours in a car.  Oh and then bounce around daily in a speed boat on a choppy sea, one moment air born and the next slammed on to the unforgiving fibre glass seats.


So I am lying in my lumpy, soft Cornish bed, with a red faced, sweaty little boy wrapped in towels, complete with sick bucket and marvelling at the criss-crossing of black tape across my back and legs, holding me all together; ironic now that mentally I am pieced back together, physically, I am falling apart.


Mistakes.  Only fatal if not learnt from.


Fortunately, this time, harmless enough for us to do just that:  Always check the home delivery before feeding my son his own particular poison.  Always ask for help when moving heaving oak beds.  Always, always, always listen to our bodies, they usually give us the signs to tell us what we have done wrong…






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