What is it about the sun that is so wonderful?


The warmth on your body making you feel alive or the warm light it throws on the world around you making it look alive?


The tingle of your skin as the sun rays dance over you or the rays dancing over the ground making it curiously explorable?


From the snow, hail, rain, wind and grey clouds and grey air of earlier in the week that forced hibernation, today’s clear skies has been a most welcome change.


But was it really the sun that made my day?  It certainly made me launch out of bed and into my running leggings and out into the stunning Yorkshire countryside. It certainly made me smile as I ran through my chore list, admin list and cooking list.  It certainly made me smile as I listened to the boys chattering in the car.  And it certainly made me smile as they ran outside to play after school.


Or was it because after yesterday’s tragic events in London, I decided today I was incredibly grateful to be alive and for another day to enjoy it, whatever the weather and whatever happened.


It was a day to wear a sunshine smile and be happy, to light up the barbecue and be obsessively, unapologetically grateful, the clear skies and spring sun a reflection of my attitude and happiness.




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