A day to celebrate

I read somewhere recently that you should always keep a bottle of champagne ‘on ice’ or in the fridge.  You never know when there will be an unexpected day when you have something to celebrate, even if it is just because you have champagne!


Today feels like one of those days.  And luckily, we put a bottle of champagne in the fridge a few months back when we anticipated an offer being accepted on our dream house.  That day it remained unpopped… and again a few days later when we revised the offer, and a month later when we did the same.


And yet the champagne is still there, nestled at the top of the fridge, hidden under the bag of kale – of all things.


So tonight, I am thinking we need to crack it open.


For the final offer and the final walk away from our dream house happened for the last time today.  And we can celebrate a new adventure, a new blank sheet of paper and as I like to think of it, celebrating the Universe having our back and guiding us to a more dreamier house for the rebuilding of the Mortimer family or away from a big mistake, huge pressure or a myriad of unforeseen issues.


But perhaps there is something far greater to celebrate.  On the day that we stumble across the box containing old albums, in particular, the one containing my little marriage proposal message and all the emotional yet fun memories of the ensuing days of celebration – a reminder pops up in my calendar to ‘decide if I want a divorce – have 6 months after infidelity uncovered’.


The answer that came, pretty much immediately, from both my heart and my heart was unanimous and unquestionable.  And that definitely warrants a cork pop!


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