Being an unwilling sloth

I am slowly turning in to a sloth.


It’s only been one day on the sofa with box sets and carbs but I feeling like I am turning in to ‘one of those women’; with no purpose, frustrated with their brilliant brains being untaxed so they look for the wrong things for distraction and comfort.


In between getting up to do some yoga stretching and reheating my oat pack, I did go to the dentist… and then I chewed on my lip without realising as I chowed down a scone and box of strawberries.


I am a mess!


What is this experience trying to teach me?  Did I fire myself up too quickly, try to do too much?


I just keep hear the words ringing in my ears that a friend recently said to me, ‘where I am now is exactly where I’m meant to be.’


I know I have a purpose and exciting plans.  But timing is everything.  And the Universe has my Back, so it’s a few days on the sofa with the cat, the oat pack, ibuprofen being an unwilling sloth until the world is ready for me again.






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