Do what you love to do…

Along with Joy and Fear hauling me up today, on my rock, I also took time to read and listen to books.  When the raging storms in my head move on, there is always quiet and there is always a book, always a book to read in the residing peace.


My book of choice today was ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael A. Singer,  a book I had put down a while ago but I was drawn to again today and the messages were perfect.


Never look down” he says when he refers to climbing up out of the darkest of times.  Don’t look down.  So I don’t. Only up. I think if I looked down, I would slip.  I am scared of heights at the best of times.


Let go!”  Not the rock… but of the pain inside – “free yourself by finding yourself…. Freedom comes when you deal with the pain in your heart.”  He explains that so many are afraid of looking inside because they fear the pain (of loneliness, rejection, betrayal…any kind of hurt), resisting it only prolongs the pain, avoiding anything that triggers it only means you alter your life so you don’t live to the full.  He advises to see pain as simply temporary and a shift in energy.  Look at it, feel it, let it go.  Let the energy flow and the pain along with it.  He uses an analogy of a thorn.  The thorn is painful;  if you touch it, brush it, lie on it, it hurts.  So you avoid doing all manner of things to trigger that pain, reorganising everything so as not to disturb it.  But really, the best thing to do, is to pull it out.  Quickly.  Feel the pain and then let the wound heal.

I felt pain yesterday.  I feared pain yesterday. I let go of it today.


At some point on the journey your heart takes over and your mind follows.”


I wrote the other day to do what brings you joy so you can bring joy to others. Do what you love.


I love books.  I love reading.  I love listening. I love the thrilling, enlightening feeling of learning something new.  I love the realisation and pride that you have learnt so much already and apply it subconsciously.  I am grateful for everything I have learnt through reading and growing so that I am here today, with my mind following my heart.


I also love having my hair cut and having baths… an old love and a new learnt love!




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