the art of patience

I am learning patience.  You can’t hurry life along, even if you want to.


And sometimes I do.  I want to be at the top of that mountain, admiring the view ahead, breathless yet full of pride and sense of achievement.


And sometimes I don’t.  I know that the jewels are in the journey, the small treasures along the way as you stop to rest, take a breath and look around you, appreciating how far you have come, taking time to reflect on the obstacles you have overcome, however small or tiresome.


A wonderful phrase I came across today – “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait.  And wait without anxiety.”


I love it.  It can be applied to any desire, any desired outcome, feeling, happening or object.


I glean from these beautiful words that they key is to be clear on what you want.  Really clear. And then trust and believe in yourself and life that it will happen.  Once you know what you desire will manifest itself, you take the power and clutches of time away.  You can let go and relax.  Let go of the doubts, quieten the voice of rational, reason and practicality and allow creativity to have it’s voice, imagination to come out to play and let the magic happen.


Welcome ‘patience’, the art of waiting without anxiety.


As each day passes, the clarity of what awaits on the otherside of my mountain, becomes more certain in my heart and mind.


The next love rock to happiness is ahead.  I know the next step.  But I am savouring this current one.  Taking the lessons, the pearls of wisdom and diamond strength and taking my time.


With patience, any doubts are dissipating, the tension of anxiety dissolving.


Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait.  And wait without anxiety.”


I love it.



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