the masters of happiness

What was I thinking?  On this journey of self-improvement, ‘project me’, that I embarked on quite unexpectedly almost 4 years ago now, I have learnt that one of the most limiting things you can do is compare;  compare your things, yourself to your perception of others and their belongings – you are either left with a falsely inflated ego or greedily just wanting more.  So what was I thinking, comparing myself… with myself?!  Enough already..


And today, I was back to happy.  It’s not hard when you are flanked by the world’s masters at being happy.  They embody happiness, calmness and peace with life and themselves.  They have seen hard times, survived the twists and turns, ups and downs, struggles and free falls that life throws at you.


They are a pleasure to be with.  Enjoying life.  Enjoying the little pleasures and the big ones.


‘Let’s go for a drive!’


So we did.


‘Let’s go and see my old friends!’.


So we did.


‘Let’s have a pudding!’.


So we did.


And we smiled and talked and laughed.  Their happiness spilling over and enveloping me so there was no thought of a lunchtime bath, no thought of comparing, reprimanding or chastising.  Just living. Just being.


And with my heart full of happiness and gratitude for a day with my legendary Dad and Edna, the fact that I am able to enjoy their company, spend time with them to do whatever idea my Dad has, I was able to pour my happiness into a little boy who sobbed himself to sleep again.  And I could bring him down stairs to a kitchen full of grandparents who showered him with love and affection, words of advice and cuddles, so that he finally fell asleep peacefully.


So tonight, I fall in to bed replete with good simple food, wine, cheese, love, conversation, happiness and gratitude for the love of our parents, our biggest supporters, whose arms I feel around us, willing us on, cheering us on to the next step on the love rocks and pouring us cheeky genepi’s to give us courage on the way.



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