Just being…

There aren’t many evenings, and in particular, recently, when my head isn’t noisy, full of thoughts, questions, musings, words.


But tonight, it is blissfully quiet.


Thanks to a day floating in a hydro bath, reclining in an aroma room, meditating in the ‘sanctum’, listening to the soft snores in snooze room with heated water beds and mood lighting, turning to prunes in the bubble baths, being scrubbed, massaged and pampered….  Every cell of my body is relaxed.


Thanks to an evening of raising a cosmopolitan or two (or 3, maybe 4… I lost count) to our Mumbo, to life, to living and loosening our tongues and tears to the other half of my ‘Venn diagram’ of a sister was therapy.


We are so different and yet so similar, it is the only way I can describe how we connect.  As I am spiritual, she is scientific.  As I am tall, she is mini. We are diametrically opposed in pretty much all topics from politics to parenting and yet the overlap of our similarities makes us a connected and an unbreakable ‘whole’;  the absolute, complete love and adoration for our legendary Dad, chocolate and each other.


And so as the ‘final first’ comes to a close, I am reminded that out of every tragedy, an opportunity to find happiness can be found.   And we found that happiness in the comfort of being together, doing what sisters do.  Just being ourselves.   And a new tradition is formed.







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