Dressing life

Was itYves Saint Laurent who said that ‘it isn’t the dress that’s important but the woman in it’?
I love fashion and clothes, but I have always been a rapid shopper.. not a browser, procrastinators and I always shop alone. I am a classic dresser, not really a follower of fashion, appreciating new trends and ideas but not able to visualise or see them on myself.
And as I sit on my train back north, I ponder my shopping habits and their relation to and Influence on life.
With fashion, I believe you have to try something on to know whether it fits. It’s the same for me with decision making. Try the decision on. Put your head in, follow through with limbs and see where they lead. How does it feel when it’s on? Does it itch or irritate, pull or strain? Does it suit you? What truth does the mirror say?

Does it diminish you? Make you look and feel pale and small? Do you want to hide in shame?

Or does it reflect your personality, make you come to life? Do you want to whirl in joy?

If it is a new style, out of your comfort zone, you really do have to take it off the hanger and wear it. Only then do you know it isn’t fear making you choose to revert to comfort. New can be good. Different can shake things up, a different shade make your eyes sparkle, a different length make you walk 10 feet tall, a step away from the old, motheaten and stale, to fresh, light and free. Radical change can be exhilarating and exciting; it can also be eye catching and attention seeking, confidence boosting. Potentially and dangerously superficial?
And if you then decide to stick with what you know, it is not because it is the easy choice, but because it feels right. It fits. It fits you, hugs your curves, shows off your highlights and transforms your flaws.

And there’s no rule to say you can’t embellish or improve it, add a hint of new, a scatter of difference, patch up the tears or rips and make a flaw into a ‘beautiful enhancement’. Revamping your classic style can be refreshing, satisfyingly grounding, sustainable and quietly natural and yet still as impressive without the flamboyance.
Whatever you choose. It’s you wearing it. It’s you living in it. It’s you stepping out into the world to face the judgement and opinions, critique or praise of others. So choose to wear it confident, proud, at ease and without looking back, no regrets.
But if you’re not 100% sure, but gut instinct says to go for it, you can always keep the label. You can always change your mind.
And as YSL said, just be the woman in the dress. Focus on her. Be comfortable in her skin. For that is the real reflection of how successful the outfit is.

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