detox retox

So it is day 11. My 10 day of detoxing over.  The detox from addictive, innessentials for body and mind, the focus on nourishing, healing wholistically.


Time for some reflection – How do I feel?


Strong and Lean.  I admit, there wasn’t much excess fat on my body.  A little is good.  But I haven’t felt this lean in a long time, the evening bloat no longer present.  But I did lose 3lbs and a centimetre from each measurement (waist, hip, thighs).


Satisfied.  I really never felt hungry and as long as I kept eating, I didn’t crave any of my vices.  I didn’t need coffee to wake me up.  I didn’t need chocolate or anything sweet after a meal.  There was only one evening I could have sunk a bottle of wine, but I distracted myself with a steamy bath instead.


Vibrant.  Strangely during it, I didn’t feel very energetic, but I still managed to exercise to the full.  It was the detox of my mind that took most of my energy and I think that is because of my current life situation, nothing to do with food intake.  Without social media to distract me, I withdrew in to my head, heart and soul and dug deep to root out any hidden pockets of fear or despair and worked to clear them out.


What surprised me the most?  I didn’t miss facebook as much as I thought I would.  And in fact, I won’t be reloading the app on my phone.  And the bath!  I hate baths.  Or thought I did.  But my evening bath was a source of pleasure as much as I distrusted the instruction.  The routine of body brushing and scrubbing in the shower, covering my body in mud and then sinking in to a steaming hot bath in candle light was therapeutic.  The quiet time to listen to my thoughts or a gentle voice was magical.  I felt settled.  And I contribute my lack of evening bloat not only to the lack of inflammatory dairy and gluten to the introduction of daily relaxation;  Dr Hyman talks a lot of how stress can alter your metabolism and mean you ‘keep fat’ and how relaxation combats that;  proper relaxation, time alone without distraction or noise.


What parts of it will I keep as daily routine and what will I add in?  The bath.  The bath is probably the only thing I didn’t really do before.  I realise through following the clear food plans that I eat very healthily anyway;  perhaps need to avoid some of the starchy vegetables I didn’t realise were starchy.  And I will always have sugar snap peas and carrots in the fridge – they are my new favourite snacks.


Would I do it again? And would I recommend it?

Absolutely.  After each holiday or period of time of unhealthy living or eating, I would carve out 10 days to do it.  Even after just 5 days I felt amazing, all toxins flushed out of my head and system.  And if you want to lose weight, rather than being about food deprivation and calorie counting, it is about a focus on health and lifestyle for longevity.


How did I celebrate… ?

With a very strong vodka and tonic and 7 mini toblerones!  And a trip to London to celebrate my longest standing friends turning 40.  There will be laughter, hilarity, boob discussions and apple pie beds, secret eating and drinking from a bottle and ten of us in one bed until the early hours.  Some of us on a high, some of us on a low but regardless, we are together holding each other up as we have done, always have done for 30 years.


No one is perfect…. And after every good detox, there has to be a retox..  It’s only fair to the natural balance of life.

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