Hugging my health

While I was sat at the rocky bottom of the ocean, my head excruciatingly full of negativity and sadness and there was no space at all for anything else.  But as I have floated gently and unconsciously upwards, the heavy pessimism weighing me down has slipped away.  And while I was floating, supine gently on the surface of the sea, I have been looking at the journey ahead of me, above me, the journey to freedom;  freedom from bad thoughts, free to live a life of joy again.


To take the next steps, to start my journey to conquer the mountainous hurdles and obstacles in my way, I am going to need strength.  Both mentally and physically.


Mentally, it is a work in progress.  I practice the inner work to strengthen my mental muscles daily through mindfulness, meditation, reflection, self awareness and this week I start work with a therapist to help me ride the many triggers that threaten and have me plummeting downwards again.  My mental strength will allow me to ‘return to love’ and unlock my protected heart.


Physically, I am in pretty good shape.  Externally anyway.  But the stress of the last 3 months is bound to have taken its toll on my inner health and bodily functions.  And health and well being is so important to me.  So I am now on a mission to ‘return to health’ and Mark Hyman is my guide to reset my health.


I am on day 1 of prep.


I have bought my glucose monitor but am too scared to use it!  Ha. It’s just a needle prick, but I am not sure I can do it to myself.  I will build up to it.  I have 24 hours…


And I have bought my long list of vitamins and supplements.  Something which I thought was going to be unnecessary but as I read through Mark’s research, it becomes clear even with a healthy, balanced diet in the modern day, we still lack many vitamins and minerals.  At the very best, socially we live on the minimum required to ‘prevent severe deficiency diseases’, with just about have enough for essential human survival but not nearly enough ‘for optimal or enhanced biological function and health’.


We need a foundational amount of high quality nutrients to help run our engines, getting adequate vitamins and minerals help you burn calories more efficiently, helps regulate appetite, lowers inflammation, boosts detoxification, ids digestion, regulates stress hormones and helps your cells become more insulin sensitive.”


On reading that, and given that I am going to need a well oiled, well powered machine to get me through this journey, I went shopping.  Happy birthday to me.  My birthday money well spent on health and my future.



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