Home safe and sound

I haven’t had one for a long time, but it is an evening when I am faced with a blank sheet and a mind so tired it can’t think.  So basic journaling questions are always a good place to start.   What went well, what am I grateful for and what could I have done to make the day better?


What went well is pretty easy; the journey home and how we all managed to get some sleep on the plane home, despite only one ear plug and despite the poor young girl behind me with a sick bug vomiting and retching for the full 12 hours.


What am I grateful for is also pretty straight forward; seriously grateful it wasn’t one of us with a stomach bug for starters; a safe flight and especially someone meeting us as we came through the gates and to drive us home, rather than navigating the trains, tubes and taxi’s we took on the way down.  We had been looking for Grandad Brooks but big grins spread across the boys faces as they spotted someone rather taller and younger… and even I felt myself relax, despite myself and my turbulent feelings, to see the Big Man pacing towards us as he scooped us up.  I am grateful for the smooth ride home and grateful my Dad is keeping warm and well rested.


What could I have done to make the day better?  Found the other ear plug?



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