Homeward bound

Today was a bit of a waiting day. Waiting to fly home… 
I felt a bit like the guy in ‘about a boy’ who carved up his day in 30 minute chunks. Except I did 60-90 minutes. Carting 2 boys and luggage every 30 would have been a stretch too far…!
60 minutes for breakfast, 90 by the pool, 60 minute shopping, 60 minutes lunch, etc… 
I gave us 60 mins to go shopping in the airport (willy is coming home with an entire suitcase of animals and Tom an armful of bracelets) and now 90 minutes for food… however, it has been 45 minutes and we have only just had our order taken!
But it is always the same! When you think you have a long day ahead of you, a long day or a long delay or a long journey, when you finally get to the end of it, it feels like it went so quickly. And so here we are, shovelling down food as our gate is called… and we find ourselves once again, bugging out and plugging in!  
Destination home… and I remember the quote:

 ‘Don’t  cry because it is over, smile because it happened.’ Dr Seuss

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