Warmth of being.. so Be.

Today I felt warmth from the sun and warmth from within.


In the middle of a Yorkshire winter, the sun tingling your skin is just bliss. Lying on a steamer, with your bestie, watching your little people play in the pool, on the trampoline just warms the cockles of your heart as they chitter chatter, laugh, splash and play.


As I lay there, I realised that these last 2 days have felt like a lifetime away from reality. Maybe it is the warmth of the sun, the warmth of the love of good friends, the warmth of knowing and really understanding that everything will be ok, if I just let go of the outcome and focus on how I want to feel.


By consciously choosing how I want to feel and focussing on feeling happy, making the commitment to that goal and then deciding in each moment is helping me rise from the bottom of my rocky sea bed. Rise to be brave enough to dance on the shore, live and breathe, laugh and dance and feel like myself.


And by just being here, just me, my boys, I realise that all I need is them, the support of good friends and to let go of outcomes and futures.  That is all I need.


The rest is all a choice. And there is no rush.


Just be.






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