Bags of happiness

Day 4 in getting happy says that you can find happiness in discomfort and doing things you aren’t used to… meeting new people, going to new places, etc..  Apparently this forces you to grow, making you the focus of change rather than trying to change things around you.


Nothing builds self esteem and self confidence like accomplishment.”  Thomas Carlyle.


I have never been on my own with the boys on holiday.  Ever.  I haven’t been on holiday with out the Big Man. Ever.   I admit I was nervous and more than slightly stressed before I left…


But we travelled the full 8445.9 miles and we are all alive, we have all our luggage, we had all the right documentation, we all had food and water.  We just arrived lacking in sleep.


But with a greeting as welcoming as we received we found second wind for a few hours crisping ourselves nicely by the pool and a divine vineyard picnic lunch, supping wine watching our little people play.


And tomorrow, we are meeting new people on a new beach and I am pretty confident that there will be bags of happy times there too!

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