What’s in a date?

The 10th December.  It’s just a date.  Just like any other date but I am a date person.  I remember dates and times.  I think you are either a date person or not.


I remember dates of happy occasions, all my family and friends’ birthdays, anniversary’s, due dates and ‘first’ dates and special holidays.


I remember dates of less happy events due dates and birthdays that were never to be and any other significant day etched on my heart….


Some dates have ended up in both camps; the date we lost our first baby ended up being also the due date of Willy.


But the 10th December is a date that was once such a happy one, for 12 years it was an exciting one, a celebratory one, one full of love, promise of excitement and the future.


And today it is a date I hold in the palm of my hand and blow in to the winds of time.  One to forget.


And a day I am looking forward to being over so that I can get back to feeling good again tomorrow.




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