The tussle of the head and heart

When your head and your heart are in sync, I believe you can feel like you are in a state of ‘synchronicity’:  events seamlessly falling in to place to create meaningful manifestations of what your heard and heart intend.  It is a wonderful thing!  And it is magical, miraculous and you feel like your essence is joy.  You feel like you are walking on air, life is easy and breathtaking…


I have been there.


When your heart is ruling your head, I believe you can feel like you are in a state of beauty but there is an underlying feeling of vulnerability:   Your heart exposed, open and you may not care, because your heart is full and loud and is choosing to ignore your head full of warnings.  Your senses are alive and while it is scary, it is at the same time exhilarating, the exposure dauntingly, daringly and tantalisingly risky.   You feel punch drunk with dreams, hope and love.


I have been there.


When your head is ruling your heart, I believe you can feel like you are in a state of control, of power but there is a latent, repressed sadness dangerously laced with anger, bitterness and resentment.  Your head is dominant, domineering, risk mitigating, planning and calculating.  There is a void in your heart that is cold and a knot in your stomach that is clenched.  You feel empty, numb, prepared and yet ready.


I am there.


The tussle between my head and heart is exhausting and while I have been willing to following my heart the last couple of weeks, my head has taken a stand and locked my heart away to protect it.


Just for a while, says my heart.


I hope, says my heart.



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