the painting of the wall

A month or 2 ago, it was the day the pan caught fire in the kitchen and the loo leaked a waterfall into the snug.   Perhaps it was a sign of the havoc and ruin that was about to happen.


The pan was hot, firey and was put out in a moment, extinguished with a wet towel and thrown in the bush.  No real damage, just a burnt tea towel which was immediately discarded and a bit of baking soda and a good scrub sorted out the blackened pan.


No biggie, sorted and resolved pretty quickly and nothing to see.


The hidden, slow, undetected lavatory leak, culminating in a final waterfall caused a lot more damage.  A swollen solid oak door frame, an oak skirting board bowed away from the wall and a permanent water mark down the blue wall and brown patches on the cream of the ceiling.


Once the leak was found and the stop cock turned off, the water was unable to continue its destruction.  The plumber did think he had fixed it once, but was mistaken and left, only to have the leak start it’s silent devastation again with more fervour, until it was unavoidable to miss, the waterfall threatening to bring the whole lot crashing down.


It’s taken 2 months for the oak to dry and return to its natural shape.  It’s taken the same length of time for the wall and ceiling to dry.  The marks or ‘scars’ of the incident obvious for all to see as they enter the room.


Today, we decided it was time to give the snug a fresh new look, the scars of the event healed somewhat, faded enough so they won’t threaten to show through.


The act of painting was part of the healing process itself in a way, almost tender in the preparation of softly cleaning and dusting it, gently protecting the edges with masking tape, taking our time.  The whole family helped, brushes and rollers, methodically moving up and down, starting at one end, finishing at the other and repeating.


And when we were done, the dust sheets were put away, the pictures, sofas and furniture back in their rightful place.  And no one would really notice the difference.


Except we do.  The colour is a different shade.  A softer, subtler, warmer, more respectful tone.  Fresher, brighter, cleaner and leaving the atmosphere much lighter.


No sign of the damage, no sign of the scars after time and a fresh start.



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