I always take so much inspiration from my boys..


I spent the day with my beautiful sister and all our children at a play barn with so much to do.  Despite the tractors, animal feeding, egg collecting, outdoor play area, they loved the big indoor slides the most. The gentle wavy ones for the little ones or warm up, the steep one in to a ball pit.. and the death drops!


For the 60 minutes before we stopped them for lunch, they were happy on the gentle one and the ball pit one, saying ‘no way’ to the death drop – ‘waaaaaaay too scary!’.


But fuelled with lunch and while Bambi and I cleared away the lunch remnants, we saw little blond heads right in the heavens, little legs dangling off the ledge..  And then, whoosh!  They were gone!  Within moments, their little heads appeared back at the top again… and again and again and again.  Until 10 minutes later, a very hot sweaty haired Willy came dashing over.


‘Mummy!  I was so so scared, I wasn’t going to do it… but then I just decided to do it!  And it was brilliant!  And now I am going to do it again and again and again!  It’s like anything… if you are scared, just do it!  You find that it is brilliant and you want to do it again!’


And off he went to do it all again.


I am frightened of a lot of things at the moment.  Fearful.  Nervous.  About to throw myself off a ledge….loose my stomach, lose my mind, scream… Will there be a soft, smooth slope to catch me?


One of the things that had me nervous was this week;  coming to help my Dad clear out the clutter left in my childhood home.  Evoking and stirring up emotions from losing Mumbo, of Dad leaving the only home I remember from being a young girl.


But as willy said – you just have to do it;  do the things you fear, face it and throw yourself into it.  Bambi and I did that today. We blitzed it. We decluttered and we cleaned. We boxed up stuff and binned stuff.  We kept stuff for us and we are giving stuff away.


And what I realised is stuff, is just stuff. What means something to someone, means nothing to someone else.  What means something at one point in time, means nothing later.  Maybe a little trigger of a memory.. .. but so many more are created.  And while it may trigger a happy memory, it is the memory that is worth the gold, that is the priceless artefact to be treasured, nurtured and stored away delicately.


Interestingly, we didn’t really find anything that triggered a bad memory. The decluttering of my first home has inspired me to decluttter my current home…. Bad memories, be gone!



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