What a difference 24 hours can make.


I am lying in bed with my biggest little man, watching ‘Inside Out’. A movie that is helping us both explain what is going on with us. I am still Joy, with my blue hair and my yellow dress but she is holding sadness, anger, fear and disgust.  She is clutching them tight, close and keeping them and it together.  My darling little angel is just sadness.


I still stand by everything I said about the mirror.


However, no matter how hard you work on the reflection to deflect the pebbles and the small stones, a great big sledge hammer wielded by someone else, the mirror doesn’t stand a chance.


The sad thing, whatever the sledge hammer was trying to achieve, damage, pain, destruction, complete annihilation, the shards of flying glass hurt the innocent, the little, the uncomprehending the most.


Back in September when I decided to continue my blog, I thought it would be a dull year to document, smugness, happiness, building a future after a stormy year…   it seems that the plot of my life has taken one hell of a twist.


Last year taught me strength and dignity.  They will serve me well again this year.



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