History and biscuits

I had a history lesson on the way home in the car this evening.   Both boys full of excitement from their days, full of adventure, activity and centuries apart.


Evacuee Willy was shipped off to learn about gas masks, bombs and WW2.


Viking Tom built a Viking ship, fashioned a real wooden shield and wove wool.


The facts flew out of their mouths, intertwining in the air, in between crunching apples and flying crisp crumbs.


The Germans invaded lots of countries.  Did you know that?


I drew my name in Viking.  Their ships were tied together with guts!


The German leader was a really nasty man… Hilter.. no Hitler.


If the dragon head is up, they are arriving to murder the men, steal the women and kidnap the children… and you had to run and hide


Hilter (!) shot himself.  In the neck.  He had done too many bad things.


If the dragon head is down, they come in peace and come to buy things.


Did you know WW2 started just 21 years after WW1 and they invaded Greece, France, Italy …. And not one German set foot on England – they just flew over and dropped bombs.


I can speak German, Willy – Nein, Nein, Nein!  And Erdbeer.  Kase.


I felt like I had had a history lesson for 45 minutes.


So it was definitely time for a ‘school break’ with milk and biscuits when we got home!



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