Good old Grandad!

So it seems quite fitting that for the last few days of the ‘Alisandwiches’ year long project to write and publish a blog each day, that my lovely Dad has come to stay.

What a difference a year makes.  He is so happy and relaxed, content and in love with life… With exciting times and plans for the rest of the year and beyond, to travel, explore and live.

I love that the universe has brought him a new lease of life, happiness and love.  He is hope for everyone who has tough times, who shows endurance, loyalty and patience.

As we enjoy the beautiful Autumnal heatwave, I walk behind him and although he still walks the same as always, with his recognisable tilt to the right, his stiff, skinny legs in boyish blue shorts, to me it seems that the weight of the world has lifted from his shoulders and you can almost see the grin on his face with the lilt of his walk.  And as I yell at him to slow down, there it is… he turns round beaming!

Good old Grandad!  (Just what we used to say to my Grandad – his Dad!)




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