Downward dog

As I did my first downward dog today in 35degree heat after 4 hours sleep and as the blood rushed to my head, and as I felt lightheaded and queasy, I thought in hindsight perhaps it hadn’t been the best idea.. But as I breathed, and relaxed into the moves, went with the yogic flow, I began to feel better. And after 60 minutes, wet with sweat, I found I could sit crossed legged for the first time in moons and my shoulders and neck felt soft after turning to rocks after my 40k bike ride yesterday.
Hot yoga. Something I had tried and started the same time this time last year… But then events unfolded and coordinating classes, commutes and cross country trips to see Mumbo was just one too many commitment to manage. 
Some serious hydration, a shower and then it was a nice surprise to remember we had booked tickets 8 months ago to see Cirque du Soleil. 
Wow. That’s all I can say. 
Hot yoga and then being totally mesmerised by tumbling, flying, balancing and nuts pole climbing… Brilliant way to recover from the night before. 

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