heavy peace

I made a new friend today.  A mutual friend recommended we meet and we found we had a lot in common, sons called William, born in the south, moved north, healthy interest in health, in the education of the young and less fortunate, short brown hair – 60 minutes flew by.  I love that.  I love meeting new people who you can connect with.


This evening, as I lie supine, with a supine dog on my feet, I can see the clear blue sky above me and I feel so heavy with peace.


My days are beginning to look and feel and sound like the passage I wrote at the beginning of the summer when I wrote my ideal day, the day I would like all days to be like.  I still read it at least once a day and it just feels as though some of it is already true… When I wrote it, I wrote it in a state of absolute faith and certainty that it would happen.  Maybe that was the key (or the wine I had had before writing it?).


I have done the exercise before – the writing of the vision of the future.  But maybe that was where I went wrong, I didn’t believe or have faith it would manifest (or I hadn’t had rose to put me in to that relaxed, open state).  At least I tried again!


It reminds me of the definition of ‘to fail’:  To not achieve.  Or FAIL.  First Attempt In Learning.


I am so glad I applied the latter.  To fail is only to give up or not try again.


And as I write this, I would add to fail is also to not learn from an experience…


I had an itchy eye… so I rubbed it with fingers that have just chopped up chilli!  FAIL or fail?  Why did I rub it again?!!!!  I didn’t need to rub it again to see if it would still sting… so that was a ‘failure’ in learning; I didn’t pay attention to the lesson in the experience.


I wonder what the cure for ‘chilli eye’ is.  Maybe I will just shut them and continue to feel the heavy peace…







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