Mumbo is messaging again

By my count I have 14 days left of this daily writing / blogging / public journaling..


I am a bit late tonight… 5 minutes late.  But I am not going to beat myself up – it is still going to be published before the end of my day, before I go to be, so in my book that counts.


Today – there have been so many signs, messages, reminders of my mumbo…


‘Always look after your skin, Boo, you only get one skin to live your whole life in, so use the best, start early’.    In 2013, I started my own business in health and wellness and the flagship range, best seller is the anti aging skincare range.  She would be proud.


‘Switzerland is quality.  All the best things come from Switzerland.’  She grew up in Switzerland, she benchmarked everything against it.  Arbonne has Swiss heritage intertwined in its core.   Everything it does, is and stands for is quality.  She would be so proud.


Tonight, I wore the dress she made, inspire by her role model, Princess Diana.


Tonight, I found a big feather Pom Pom and stuck it on my head and someone took a photo.


It made me cry – I looked like my Mumbo on her wedding day to my gorgeous Dad.




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