Choosing Company

The other morning I opened up a surplus washbag tucked in the back of the cupboard and in it I found a stack of little hand written cards.  I felt a wry smile cross my face as I remember writing the inspirational quotes on the inch square pieces of paper to go in my purse a couple of years ago.


I had written them to help me refocus when I was feeling particularly low or lost or off course after a particularly devastating blow to my confidence.


It was like picking up old friends – well thumbed, stained and dog eared and I put them on my dressing table.  Each morning I have been flipping the top one over to see what popped up.


This morning’s card said ‘you are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with’.


And again, I had a wry smile as I remember clearly writing this one and how much strength it gave me at the time to really take notice who I was spending time with and how that was impacting my character, attitude and life in general.  I started to take note of who I felt better around, who did I feel like I could be myself around, who lifted my spirits… and took even more notice on who drained me, made me feel inferior, nervous and uncomfortable.


It then became very simple.  Time is a commodity, our most precious commodity and so it became very simple to determine who I wanted to spend time with because I wanted to feel good, not worse.  I wanted to feel inspired, not ridiculous.


I look at my close circle of friends now, who I choose to spend my time with now and the difference in my confidence, my self worth, my positivity, my inner peace returned!


It’s no coincidence.




In other news, I had the most gorgeous evening cuddling the newest member of our family… teeny tiny and only 2 weeks old.  She is so beautiful and content.  Just like her parents..  the 2 people she spends the most time with.


reflection of your friends


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