Who is the greatest?!

The Mortimer household is loving the Olympics!    We got in last night just in time to see the incredible Men’s Team Pursuit nail biting final, cheering Wiggins and his team to gold.  And then today we have been shouting as a family at the TV willing on the Men and Women coxed 8’s on to the podium…  And tonight it is Super Saturday!  Come on Team GB!


And clearly, I have been loving all the motivational commentary.


The Men’s 8 coach Jurgen said the secret to their Gold Medal success was hard work, but making that hard work fun.


Sir Chris Hoy was sharing how winning the medals inspires those up next in the velodrome – ‘they believe if the system has worked for them, it will work for me!’ and that belief in themselves sets them up for success.


And the BBC commentators are coming out with some brilliant one liners for any one who has a dream, not only in sport, but for anything in life:


‘Believe in yourself and hang in there long enough, your dreams will come true.”




“Don’t dwell on the result until It’s history.”  Just get it done.


The discussion on our family dog walk today continued one of the topics of conversation on the Olympic coverage – who is the greatest Olympiad?  In fact, who is the greatest at anything in their field – whether it be sport, business or anything?


How do you measure that?


Is it the number of medals you have? That would be Michael Phelps internationally.


Or do you look at the duration they have stayed at the top? Wiggins, Redgrave with their individual incredible tally of medals and accolades in the UK spanning over a decade.


Or is your success over numerous disciplines, like the heptathletes?


Is it sheer speed like Bolt?  (the Boys’ favourite) or Mo for his incredible endurance and speed over massive distances?


Or do you base it on who inspires you?  Who has overcome the most challenges?  Who has had the major comebacks?


Or is it just simply a moment captured in time that gives you goosebumps?  The champion who becomes a legend in a split second?


Looking at all these incredible athletes, who have put in years of effort, their 10,000 hours of training to get them to the top of their game, they all have something in common – determination, a killer instinct and a no matter what will to win.


And belief.  That amazing ingredient…


‘I am the greatest’….


It seems that the Olympics is sending out a message to the world:


Hard work + Fun + Belief in Yourself =  Champion of your Field.




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