I believe!

As I was shampooing my hair in the shower, it dawned on me, that belief is the key.


It was a strange moment.  A split second as I opened my tilted my head back and then forth, swept the hair from my eyes and as I opened them, a single word ‘belief’ rang like a chiming bell in my mind.


Over the last month I have been focussed on re-wiring old beliefs and thought patterns, reading new statements, new truths and re-writing the stories I tell myself.


In that moment, I thought of the successful people I have been following, listening to.. and all the happy people I know and have been surrounding myself with.  They all have a deep seated belief that everything will turn out ok, exactly just as they expect it to be, desire it to be and spent focussed time visualising it to be… and believing it will absolutely be reality.


They turn their dreams in to reality through focussed belief… and that stoic belief powers intention which in turn fuels the wheels of action.


I then smiled.  A big vision of Father Christmas popped in to my mind.  AS a child, I absolutely believed that the Big Jolly Man himself was real…. I dreamt about my presents, my stocking full of goodies.  On Christmas Eve with my sister, I would lay out our offerings alongside our stockings and letters and go to bed knowing with absolute belief and certainty of what would happen the next day.  I could see it!  There was no excitement like it!


When the belief faded, I may have played along but the magic had gone…


To bring the magic back, I have a couple of my favourite quotes by the mirror in my bathroom….


“The secret of having it all is believing you already do.”

And I so know I do.  My belief and gratitude make my life pretty magic!


“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

And now I have crystal clear vision of where I want to go, what I want to create… the work I am doing on reprogramming my mind is powering this belief in myself…  The wheels are in motion, momentum is picking up speed!


I believe!!!


Audrey Hepburn





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