A special day 

Today was a special day.
I got to spend it with just one son. The big one. The awesome one. The kind and funny one. The one who will melt hearts with just one look and one smile, just as he melts mine.
I ate a frog. One that I have been meaning to eat all week. It tasted good. Took a while… But it is eaten.
I ran up a hill. Multiple times. My ham strings need a good stretch… But there is just no time.
I made cakes. I forgot about the cakes. The kitchen smells of delicious burnt sugar. 
I have a new miracle morning routine. Move over Hal Elrod and welcome Tony Robbins… I love Hal, but Tony is my man.
I learnt something new. Kundalini breathing. It is weird. But just 2 minutes and I felt great… Abs of steel on their way and keeping Alzheimers at bay.
I am sitting on the bench admiring the front lawn, freshly cut, with the Big Man and the cat…. 
It has been a special day. 

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