Levelling the battle field

I would have loved to indulge my recent secret crush and invested my day watching and daydreaming about my 6’7” American hunk… but today was all about my young blond heart-throbs…


The eruption of World War 3 continued late in to the night last night… it only ended when the ‘enemy’ believed the battle was lost.. or maybe even won in his eyes.  The Big Man took over and told him Mummy had gone out.  He was asleep in 2 minutes.


I know Willy plays me.  We can be as stubborn as each other.  The stand off would last all night.  Thank goodness for the go-between, the cavalry…


Pre kids, pre-marriage even… one of my favourite evenings in was with my BFF when we would curl up on the sofa with a large bar of dairy milk and watch ‘Super Nanny’.  Who knows why!???  We were probably 20 at the time and about 10 years off even thinking about having children.  But we loved it… laughing at how easy Super Nanny would make parenting look.


It always boiled down to giving kids time… with your full attention, playing with them … and always setting boundaries.  If those boundaries were crossed, then it was clear explanation why it was wrong, time out on ‘the naughty step’.  She would also always have great ideas about positive reinforcement of good behaviour – the introduction of sticker charts, prize boxes… and probably even marble jars (I just don’t remember them…)


So today, was all about resetting boundaries, levelling the ‘battle field’, showing them who was boss – Mummy rather than friend.    Those boundaries that had slipped, retreated in to the mist over the holidays.


And it was all about having lots of fun together.  Face to face, no distractions, Mummy and boy time.


Amazing the change this evening to yesterday.


Well done Super Nanny!


Super Nanny




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