Leaving a legacy

Ah…. It is so lovely to type on the soft keys of my beloved laptop, rather than thumb tap on my phone to blog…


This morning, the thought crossed my mind about what kind of legacy I would leave…. ?


I had woken to a message from my best friend and sister-in-law sending a lovely photo and the words ‘the legacy of Annie lives on!’.  In the picture, she was wearing the beautiful, soft white fur wrap that my Mumbo had made for her as my bridesmaid.


Amongst many things, my Mumbo left a legacy of beautiful dresses and clothes she had handmade hanging in her wardrobes:  ball gowns, cocktail dresses and bridesmaid dresses for my sister and I as well as many outfits for herself over the years.  Hand stitched, applique, machine stitched, crochet and knitted.  She had a talent.  And her legacy reached many for those who had one of her items.  The legacy of the talent lives on in my sister… less for me, although I sew a good name tape!


As we left the Park this morning, hoards of people were flowing in and out of the arched gates with the universal outline of a mouse with big ears.  Walt left a legacy.  A legacy of fun.  A legacy of laughter.  50 years after his death, he left a legacy for anyone of all ages to enjoy – in our group aged 2 to 80. Through his characters, his drawings, his cartoons, movies and his amusement parks.


Hence my question…


A legacy:  something left or handed down by a predecessor.


A legacy will live on for any parent in their children, clearly.  In their looks, their mannerisms and talents..   But I wondered what else?


As I was thinking upon this in the shower, I returned to see another message pop up …   And coupled with my dream statements and life story, I know that I will.


It may not be on the scale of Walt… but then I wonder if he ever dreamt or even believed at 27 when he drew his first picture of Mickey Mouse, the scale of the legacy that he would leave?


“First day baking down.  And next step goals in place – proper patisserie course as well as the cake decorating course.  Why am I telling you?  Because you (probably without even knowing) have been an inspiration over this past year I have learnt that taking tiny steps and counting all my small wins and gratitude, will make me far happier than chasing success just to impress others. And that any dream is possible, you just have to start and continue forward.”


A legacy can be left in so many ways – financially, belongings, property as well as the generational familial traits.  But through your actions it can also be left in the hearts and lives of others and how they go on to leave a legacy of their own.


The words I read, and that I had touched just one life and made it better left filled me with immense pride and happiness.


If I can get as many messages over the years like the one I received this morning as my Mum left dresses, I will be smiling as I leave.


My dream is that I will receive 100’s, even 1000’s, more!


And as Walt, the inspiration himself says… ‘First, think. Second, believe.  Third, dream.  And finally, dare.”





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