Life is a roller coaster…. 
And today I rode my first roller coaster totally on my own. The first time to go solo.  
My thoughts on the event:
1. You can do some sneaky manoeuvres to get to the front of the queue.

2. The scary bits, the twists and turns and times where you get turned upside down, your bones rattle and your head hurts…. Are the most exhilarating… And when you come out the otherside, there’s is pure elation!

3. When it is all over, you are left wanting more… More heart-stopping lurches and corkscrews, ups and downs and inside outs.

4. The flat and non eventful bits are boring. 

5. It’s definitely far more fun when you have someone you love next to you. 

6. And even more fun when there are lots of loved ones in the same ride!
As I said. Interesting…. 

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