what is it?

If I didn’t know that there was less than 1% chance of it happening, then I would say I was pregnant.


The same feeling of light headedness, like every action feels like you have to do it while swimming through treacle, constant nausea, wanting unhealthy food, or no food or a mountain of food the next moment…then being sick.  Headaches, stomach cramps … and  the feeling that someone switched off the energy source, that no amount of sleep can recharge.  Not to mention the emotional outbursts and tears for no reason.


I just don’t feel right… and I know I look after my health through good diet, exercise, mindfulness… So if it isn’t another little Mortimer, what is it?


Is it just simply exhaustion from swimming against the tide, through treacle but putting mind over matter and ignoring it for so long?

Is it just grief coming back to bite me?

Is it just a virus… something to get through?

Is it just the side effect of drinking Roundhay Park lake water?

Is it undiagonised diabetes, underactive thyroid, coeliac disease or iron deficiency… ?  The doc is checking…

Is the headache a sign of something worse?  I doubt it..
Or may be it is just the weather?!


My mind is in overdrive.  I wish someone would turn off my mind switch just as they have done my energy switch.  Switch it off until the virus / sadness passes or the blood tests show a definitive reason.



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