Run diagnostics

Today I went to open my little mac book to do some work, admin, reply to emails, write a health blog I have been meaning to do all week after my triathlete success…


But it wouldn’t turn on.  And a little sign came on with a plug and a red battery… Reconnect and recharge it implied.  I did as I was told.


I laughed a little too.  I have felt for the last 10 days that my battery has been fully drained too.  Sometimes you can top it up from half used… a good meal, a good bout of fresh air, a good rest, a good form of exercise.  But sometimes, it is good to let the battery run completely low and down… switch off.  And reboot.


I thought the triathlon coupled with too much social and work had totally wiped me out.  And I thought I had drained my batteries to an all time low.  So last week I was kind to myself.  I unplugged and let myself drain out before rebooting.


But what happens when you try to reboot and there is no green light?  No hint of ‘go!’.


A bit like my laptop…run diagnostics.

A bit like my laptop… new software installation required.

A bit like my laptop… patience.



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