The Gorilla sling shot

I do love a kids film.  Especially in kids hour on a Sunday.


Not only do I get to have naughty treats by treating my little ones, but I get to indulge in finding the subliminal messages in the films.  All of them have them.  I think I have already written about Zootropolis and the Good Dinosaur… But watch any of them – nemo, turbo, toy story… overcoming obstacles, being the hero by finding the hero inside of you… good conquers evil… believing in yourself!


Today it was the Panda…. The big seemingly stupid Panda… but his creativity born from his laziness, his size, his love of food, his love of life, make him the hero.


Willy is currently obsessed by Kung Fu Panda and watches him on Netflix all time time… and I often hear him giggling away.  And since he has been so good while the other boys are away, it was his choice of movie.


So as always… you hear what you need to hear, whether it be from an inspirational speaker, a TED talk on youtube, a good audio book… you remember the bits that resonate with you most.


So what was it for me this time?


‘If you never do more than you can do now, you will never be more than you are now.’  Obvious really. But it goes hand in hand with ‘there is always something more to learn’.


I used to love routine, hated change.  Liked to know what I was going to do each day, repeating it day in, day out.  Funny really, given that I was part of and lead a team that delivered change pretty much consistently.  But nothing changed in my life really at all.


Maybe this message stood out for me because I am embracing so much change, trying so many new things, learning so much!  Being brave to tweak my routines… realising that the smallest change can lead to the biggest and best impact of all.  Stretching myself by trying something entirely new for my career.  Pushing myself to doing more than just my usual run by going for a triathlon, dusting off my bike.


Stretching means that whatever is being stretched wont go back exactly to how it was originally.  It will have ‘grown’.


‘You can’t teach them how to be you, but you can teach them how to be them’.  As a parent, our biggest role is a teacher… training them for life!  Society today seems to be all about creating mini versions of ourselves.  Filling the hours and days of our children’s lives with clubs and camps that we would like.


I read an article in the papers a year ago or so on how we were hell bent on ensuring our children were occupied all the time.  And by doing so we were stifling creativity in the younger generation.  Creativity is born from boredom… or even the space and time to think and be inventive.


After reading the article, I have been much more relaxed about what my children do and let them decide.  Yes, their immediate response is always ‘ipad or tv’… but there is no screen time until after tea and homework.  So I lead them to the door… or guide them to the playroom…


Tom has naturally amused himself with sport… any ball, any racket or bat.  But rather than just hitting against a wall, it is now the garage door… or he sets himself little challenges.


Willy has also veered towards the sporting side and they are often found playing together., But his hugely creative side has also emerged.  His magic box.  His 130 drawings.  And today, the loom band sling shot between two trees where I found him launching all his toys to see which would go the furthest.  (It was the snake.)


So I like this message a lot.  Yes teach them… but teach them to find out who they really are themselves.  Allow them the space to work it out for themselves… and then celebrate it!


And the last message..  Chi.  They were in search of Chi … A powerful energy that could give life.


And as the Panda was was just about to become green java stone… the energy of love poured out from the hearts of the panda community and gave him the strength to fight back.


And there we have it, as it has been said many times… The greatest power, is love!




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