IF yesterday was strange, today was wonderfully opposite!


Being just the two of us, Willy and I revelled in our similarities. I can see that he looks a lot like me… but his character is more like the Big Man.  Particular.  Fussy if you prefer!  Everything has to be perfect, the order of his loom band box, the way he stores his drawings, how he wears his clothes.. just like Mr OCD himself…


But today, we have just delighted in the other side of his nature.   The bit more like me.


We have snuggled in bed til a ridiculous hour.. just enjoying the moment!  Without Tom bounding around delighting in a new day or the Big Man wanting everyone up and dressed and fed before 9…It was sheer bliss.  Snuggling.  Watching tv in our pj’s from our little pit!


On arriving downstairs there was animal chaos!  The starving and un-walked dog was like a crazed lunatic of excitement!  Anyone would have thought she hadn’t had human company for a week…  And the poor cat.  Almost squashed.


So after our indulgent laziness we decided to get outside in the beautiful day.  Perdi does not like small dogs, having been attacked by one.  So we go to the quietest place we know that Willy can take his bike.  And it is here that Willy names us ‘the 3 lightenings’!  Willy is the coach and Perdi the obstacle… Willy counts me in for my HIIT sprints and Perdi tries to kill me by darting in front of me.


I am so lucky to live in a village and have friends who are so kind and supportive when the Big Man is away.  Last night, we were invited to supper and today to a lunch.  The adult company, wine, vodka lime granita and tomahawks a treat.  Willy gets to have some time to play… albeit in the boot of the car with 3 girls! (He didn’t’ want to get wet from the water fight that the other boys were having… I told you he was particular – wet clothes spells disaster.)


As we arrive home, the sunlight reminds me of South African ‘sundowner’ time… so I poor myself a long cocktail and while Willy gets creative with loom bands and drawing, I let my mind wander and out on paper and write one of the articles commissioned for the South Yorkshire magazine.


The peace is magical.


So are the moments, as the sun has set and Willy curls up with me to watch a movie… and he strokes my arm as I stroke his head.  He reaches up to give me rare kisses as I kiss his blond head.




Actually, that is what today was.  Magical.


And the cherry was finding some photos of Tom having such a ball on Cub camp… I am so relieved to see his gorgeous, gregarious smile and laughing with his friends…


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