The universe strikes again 

Today didn’t disappoint… I always love graduation day for the primary school graduates… Seeing their confidence as they perform or replay their experience of the Mosaic programme.
At the last graduation the keynote speaker was hugely followed and adored ‘Honest Mum’ Vicki Psarias-Broadbent, just after I had started my journey of blogging. She was hugely inspirational to me at the time…
Today the universe striked again! The keynote speaker was Wafa Tarnowska… A refugee from Lebanon and a writer. A writer. A writer!!! I couldn’t believe it! Just as I start to get serious about writing and set the intention to focus on expanding my experience and understanding, here is an award winning, acknowledged author and speaker…. Right in front of me, swooping business cards and taking selfies!
I loved her story. A refugee, escaping war ravaged Lebanon to Australia in the 1970’s at only 19 because she wanted to study, write and learn. How she didn’t speak to her parents for 4 years as there were no phone lines in Lebanon and of course no wifi, Internet or technology. 
I loved how she became an author because her children wanted to learn the myths and stories of her home country, but she couldn’t find any books to read to them. I love how she writes about strong women and positive Arabian role models. She should write her own autobiography. It will be a best seller. 
Her words of advice to our young students rang in my ears as we left for home.
When faced with difficulty- ask the question – what’s the lesson?….

Do what you love!! Work hard at it… But also work smart… Work with heart. (I love that)…

Be kind over clever and famous (I love that even more)… 
Be open… Be open to trying new things. And if you fail… Be resilient. Pick yourself up and go again…

And every day, ask yourself ‘How will I make it a better place?’ … Every day… 

Always be grateful! Say thank you for what you have .. And not what you don’t have… “
It’s been a really good week. A positive week. 
And as I jumped in the car to race to pick up the boys… I picked up my phone to share my happiness with Mum and Dad.
It was the first time… The first time in the 3 months since she has been gone. Even when she was alive but didn’t really know or understand what I was saying, she would still listen…. And always say ‘that’s lovely darling’… It was comforting.  
I rang Bambi instead. I am so grateful for my little sister… X

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